The Data and Statistics Working Group supports the mission of the JETSCAPE collaboration by:

  • selecting and curating experimental data for comparison with the  JET-patch and Jetscape codes and their use in the statistical analysis
  • determining which observables to perform the model-to-data comparison on
  • developing the workflow/procedure  how to calculate the observables from the JET-patch and Jetscape codes in such a way that they can be compared to experimental data
  • developing a framework for training Gaussian Process Emulators on selected observables for the output of the JET-patch and Jetscape codes
  • performing Gaussian Process Emulator training for each version of these codes that is being compared to data
  • developing a package for distribution of trained emulators to go along with the respective releases of the Jetscape code
  • developing the framework for the model-to-data analysis, including emulators, PCA, and MCMC and develop/provide a respective code package
  • performing the model to data analysis to test physics models and interpret the resulting posterior distributions for each version/implementation of the Jetscape code
  • developing a set of tools for the evaluation of the performance of different physics models (i.e. tunes of the Jetscape code) regarding experimental data
  • assisting the collaboration with gaining physics insights from the outcome of the statistical analysis



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