The Physics Modeling Working Group (PHYS-WG) was formed to organize, oversee and accomplish the following tasks within the JETSCAPE collaboration: 

  • explore new physics that is not in any of the existing models and prepare a comprehensive theoretical framework that will be implemented in the JETSCAPE code – this can be in the form of novel combination of existing models and implementation of ideas that are not yet fully explored in the existing numerical models; 

  • develop a Patch Code that combines existing and newly explored physics models – pre-equilibrium dynamics, hydrodynamics, jet production, in-medium evolution of jet, hadronization, hadronic cascade, etc.; 

  • with the Patch Code, validate the physics models that will be implemented into the JETSCAPE framework as default modules and provide basic benchmark results for future comparison when users of JETSCAPE want to implement their own physics models within this numerical framework; 

  • work with the Software Designing Working Group (SDWG), provide input on the design of the framework, interfaces, and functionality of the new code, and help them embed our Patch Code of validated physics models into the JETSCAPE code as different modules; 

  • work with the Statistics and Data Analysis Working Group (STAT-WG) in designing appropriate multi-dimensional parameter space for physics models, selecting effective experimental observables for model calculations, and setting up the Gaussian emulator and Bayesian analysis for model to data comparison and precise tuning of physics models. 

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