The JETSCAPE code package is publicly available on Github at

See the associated talk at Quark Matter 2018



Other related Packages



The MUSIC fluid dynamical evolution package is the default for JETSCAPE and can be independently downloaded at



CCNU-LBNL viscous 3+1 D hydro code is a fully parallelized hydro evolution and Cooper-Fry particlization code using OpenCL.

It can be run on heterogeneous computer devices (CPU, GPU, FPGA and Intel Phi). It can be downloaded at


Older Bulk Evolution Packages

An integrated package (iEBE) for event-by-event viscous hydrodynamic + hadron cascade hybrid model simulations for relativistic heavy-ion collisions.

Download iEBE


Data files of the space-time evolution of bulk matter from AMPT simulations compiled by Ziwei Lin can be downloaded here:

Download grid data files

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